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Road Safety South Australia

Road Safety For South Australia

Planning a road trip or taking that quick getaway? No matter what your reasons are for being on the road, taking care and being road smart is essential.

Plan your trip well and make sure you provide plenty of time to get where you need to go. Our road safety page is designed to help you understand the importance of road safety and addresses key points to help keep you and your family safe on your travel adventures.

School Zones

Slowing down around school zones is extremely important. Schools will experience times of increased traffic, parked vehicles, and lots of pedestrians.

Remember that a 25 km/h speed limit is applicable and enforceable during the following circumstances:

  • When alternating lights are flashing near a children's crossing.
  • On a road within a school zone that has a child present.
  • When passing a school bus, from either direction, that has stopped to drop off or pick up passengers.

So slow down and take extra care around schools.

Drive With Care - Road Safety Message

Handy Information

Know before you go where you can access the best information to help you with your South Australian travel journeys.

Here are our top picks for information we recommend keeping handy.

Higher The Risk - Road Safety Message

Basic Rules to Remember

Keep these basic rules in mind when travelling and remember being smart while driving relies on you!

  • Fog Lights: Only use fog lights in hazardous weather conditions.
    Fines apply for incorrect use: $205
  • Tramways: Driving in a tramway is prohibited.
    Fines apply: $170
  • Speed Limits: Speed limits are assigned to roads based on various factors to help drivers stay safe.

    40 km/h: General speed limit for specific built-up areas, and for when passing an emergency vehicle or vehicles that are stationary or that have their emergency lights flashing.

    50 km/h: General maximum speed limit on roads in built-up areas unless signed otherwise.

    60, 70, 80, & 90 km/h: These speed limits will be signed appropriately on the road for which it applies.

    110 km/h: Is the maximum speed limit allocated within South Australia. All roads that this speed limit applies to will be sign posted.

    'L' and 'P' platers are not allowed to exceed 100 km/h and are therefore exempt from driving at 110 km/h on roads which have this limit applied.

For more information on road offences and their applicable penalties in South Australia, please visit the Department of Transport website.

Please Note: Car Rental Buddy provides the above information as a resource only. We advise readers to view the current and up-to-date road safety guides and road rules for each State by visiting their associated transport website.