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Road Safety Western Australia

Western Australia Road Safety

Western Australia is the largest of Australia's states with an abundance of roads and transport corridors that offer motorists the ability to experience outback and city environments.

When travelling on Western Australian roads, ensure you take care and drive to the weather conditions. Don't take unnecessary risks that will place you, your passengers, and fellow motorists in danger.

Car Rental Buddy is dedicated to presenting relevant and helpful information that can assist with making your driving adventure a safe and enjoyable one. So check out our top tips here.

Experiencing Any of These?

  • Constant yawning
  • Drifting in the lane
  • Sore or heavy eyes
  • Trouble keeping your head up
  • Delayed reactions
  • Daydreaming
  • Difficulty remembering the last few kilometres
  • Variations in driving speed

If you answered yes to any of the above listed symptoms of fatigue, then driving is not a safe choice. Pull over and change drivers or rest.

Being late to your destination is better than not arriving at all!

Driver Fatigue - Road Safety Message

Avoid Distractions

Technology has become a major component of our lives. Unfortunately, while mobile phone and other technology devices make our lives easier, they pose a major danger to our safety when used whilst driving.

So put the phone away and dedicate your attention to driving when behind the wheel. Remember, you are operating a vehicle that can cause major injury should you lose control or cause an accident.

You can easily call someone back, read your emails and text messages later - they are not going anywhere! Come on, make driving a tech free time and keep your eye on the road.

Don't forget, getting caught using your mobile phone will mean a nice dent in your wallet!

Don't Block an Intersection

City driving will usually mean lots of traffic. Remember to look ahead and try to judge the flow of traffic in front of you. While you may have a green light to proceed forward, don't enter the intersection if you will be stopping in the middle of the intersection due to traffic congestion.

Should the light change to red, you don't want to be in the way of traffic entering from another intersection point that now has right of way.

Sharing the Road with Road Trains

Road trains are an integral component of Western Australia's transport industry. Road trains are long vehicles that can reach lengths of over 50 metres. Keep the following points in mind to ensure you stay safe when sharing the roads with road trains.

  • If you require to overtake a road train, consider the length of the vehicle and what speed it is travelling at.
  • Road trains can take more than one kilometre to stop.
  • Their sheer size and weight will create dust clouds that can impede vision for motorists travelling behind or when passing the road train.

To find out more information on sharing the roads with road trains, check out our blog article that offers even more in-sight into road trains.

Making U-Turns

Many people are under the impression that you can perform a u-turn at any set of traffic lights. Brush up on the basics for u-turns and ensure your decisions don't affect the safety of other motorists or pedestrians.

  • U-turns are not permitted at a set of traffic lights unless a sign states you can do so.
  • If a signs states no u-turn then you are not to perform such an action.

Please Note: Car Rental Buddy provides the above information as a resource only. We advise readers to view the current and up-to-date road safety guides and road rules for each State by visiting their associated transport website.