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Comparing vehicles for hire in Darwin has never been easier! We quickly and easily compare car rentals in Darwin and Darwin Airport at the click of a button. Simply fill in our free online quote form to start comparing discounted rates from a range of suppliers located in Darwin.

Don't forget, you can also give our friendly team a call on 1300 737 400 (or +61 2 8228 1898). We are available 24 hours a day so you can call us at any time of the day or night.

Whether you need a compact vehicle for just a few travel companions or you require a van that seats 12 passengers, you will find a great selection on offer through our top suppliers.

Go on, call us now and let us help you to find the perfect rental package that will meet your budget and travel needs.

Top Suggestions for Your Travels

Travelling to the top end of Australia, hiring a vehicle, and wishing to embark on a true adventure? With a vast array of national parks and reserves on offer, we recommend packing the car and taking a few day trips to explore the great outdoors and to soak in the essence of the outback atmosphere.

Here are our top national park and reserve picks all within a short drive from Darwin's city centre that will have you making the most of your car hire adventures:

  • Holmes Jungle Nature Park

    (11 kilometres)

    Holmes Jungle Nature Park is an ideal location to take a relaxing stroll and to enjoy a picnic lunch while soaking up the atmosphere within the surrounds of a forest that is home to an assortment of birds, reptiles, and mammals. Take to the walking track and follow Palm Creek as it weaves its way through the park. The park is also a favourite for cyclist and horse riders as it offers a series of dedicated tracks.

  • Charles Darwin National Park

    (5.5 kilometres)

    Harbour views within the surrounds of history! The Charles Darwin National Park is one location that offers visitors a unique touch on history with the area presenting bunkers and shelters that were once used during WWII for storage. Cycle the paths, enjoy a barbeque lunch, or take a leisurely stroll and view the WWII display that details Darwin's participation in the Pacific War.

  • Casuarina Coastal Reserve

    (16 kilometres)

    Casuarina Coastal Reserve is a coastal landscape located between Rapid Creek and Buffalo Creek and boasts an amazing environment of cliffs, beaches, and casuarina trees. It also offers a magnificent display of fauna and flora, all of which are known to the top end. Explore and experience the coastal waters that are home to a captivating selection of marine wildlife. Low tide offers the ideal time to explore the rock pools and to discover many of the interesting and intricate sea life.

  • Knuckey Lagoons Conservation Reserve

    (12 kilometres)

    Bird enthusiasts will enjoy this Reserve with the dry season offering the perfect time to watch the area's natural bird colonies flock to the lagoons. The area is also a prominent location to spot a Turtle, Magpie Geese, Little Curlew, and Egrets. The wet season sees lagoons thrive with water lillies that offer an amazing view for visitors.

Top Tips: Remember to obey all parks signs, stay to designated tracks, and ensure you remove / bin all rubbish. Many of these parks and nature reserve are home to wildlife and hold cultural meaning and your consideration and respect is much appreciated.

Whether it's the arid and superb beauty of the red centre, home to Ayers Rock, or the educational and informative surrounds of its museums and parks, Darwin is a location that provides visitors with a once in a lifetime experience.

Take the time to explore the wondrous environment of Darwin. Purchase an affordable car hire Darwin rental package and take your holiday plans further.

Road Safety for Darwin & Its Surrounds

If you are planning a travel adventure that will see you taking to the open roads, then keep these tops tips in mind. If you are an international traveller, please ensure you take time to familiarise yourself with the road rules.

  • General Road Safety

    While Darwin does offer a bustling city centre, there are very vast and arid areas of the region. Road rules still apply to all roads, no matter their location. Please ensure all passengers are wearing seatbelts and you obey the stated speed limits.

    • Use your headlights to ensure you are visible, especially when vision may be impaired due to weather conditions. Also, don't forget to use your hazard lights in situations where you need to warn other drivers of possible danger or to take extra care for safety.

    • If your travels will be during dusk, night, or dawn, then be extra careful of wildlife and stock that may be roaming near or onto the road.

  • Sharing the Road with Road Trains

    During your travels, you will encounter a variety of other road users operating standard vehicles through to drivers manoeuvring heavy haulage vehicles. In some instances, you will be travelling in front of, behind or passing large trucks such as, b-doubles, pocket road trains, b-triples, double road trains, triple road trains, and quad road trains (all of these trucks are towing trailers - some in multiples that create a travel length of over 50 metres).

    Here is a quick guide offering tips on things to keep in mind when sharing our roads.

    • Don't pull out in front of a road train - when travelling at speeds of 100 kilometres per hour, they take longer to stop than a car.

    • If you need to overtake a road train, it is extremely important that you carefully plan and take into consideration some important information. With road trains being long vehicles, give yourself plenty of clear road length to safely pass, and only enter back into your left lane once you are able to clearly see both the truck's headlights in your mirrors. Always keep a constant speed and don't unnecessarily slow down in front of a road train.

    • Be vigilant of signs positioned on trucks as they offer key information on the type of vehicle you are sharing the road with and will also be helpful in knowing their length when overtaking.

    • Always keep your distance and don't tailgate a road train.

    Check out our article Sharing the Road With Road Trains to get our full guide on our top tips for staying safe on our roads.

Hiring Darwin One Way Car Hire

There are plenty of great one way car hire deals available from top suppliers with Car Rental Buddy. Check out the following that offers some helpful tips and travel information for our most popular Darwin one way car hire.

Travelling to Darwin?

  • Darwin Convention Centre

    Travelling to Darwin for a visit to the Darwin Convention Centre? Check out our range of tips that will help with your Darwin travel plans.