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Drivers With Special Requirements

Suppliers strive to meet the needs of their customers at all times. If you require special driving aid equipment (e.g. hand controls) to be included within your rental package, we strongly advise you to contact the car hire suppliers directly to discuss your individual car hire needs.

Many suppliers advise that hand controls are available at specific locations and may only be compatible with certain vehicles within their fleet.

We have compiled a few tips to help you with your booking process and to ensure you have a positive car hire experience.

Helpful Tips

Discuss Your Needs

Contact the suppliers directly to make your booking to ensure they are able to meet your car hire needs. Furthermore, online booking facilities may not offer you the ability to request hand controls.

Get the Best Deals

Always plan and book your car hire well in advance. Certain suppliers require booking requests for driving aids to be made 48 hours in advance of the desired pick up time.

Choose a Vehicle Right For You

Provide as much information as possible to the customer service representative so that they are able to present you with the most appropriate vehicle for your rental needs.

Please note: Suppliers do state 'or similar' when advertising their rental packages. If your chosen vehicle is not able to be presented to you at your selected pick up time, the supplier will provide you with another vehicle from the same car hire range. For example, if your booking is for a 'Toyota Camry or similar', the supplier will strive to provide you with another vehicle from the 'Fullsize' car hire range.

If you have selected a specific vehicle based on its capacity to meet your needs, such as being able to cater for wheelchair storage, please advise the supplier and they will endeavor to ensure they are able to offer you your selected vehicle.

Ensure Your Requests Will Be Met

Always contact the suppliers a few days prior to your pick up date to confirm your booking request for driving aids will be met. This will ensure that if there are any issues or an administrative mistake has been made, they will be able to rectify the problem before your scheduled pick up time.