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Road Safety Tasmania

Tasmanian Road Safety

Take to the open road and indulge in the amazing environments of Tasmania. With a generous landscape to explore, road tripping through Tasmania is well worth it. But don't forget to keep in mind the basic road and safety rules to ensure your journey is a happy adventure. Take a look through some of our helpful tips that are designed to get you thinking more about driving safe.

Speed Awareness

Keep an eye out for speed signs when travelling on Tasmanian roads and ensure you adhere to the details displayed.

Speed limits are in place for your safety and are designed around the road conditions and surrounding environments, i.e. built up areas, school zones, etc.

The standard speed limits are outlined below:

  • 40 km/h Speed Limit:
    Designated for schools and road works as well as in areas where stated.
  • 50 km/h Speed Limit:
    Designed to provide safe driving conditions for residential and commercial locations as well as in areas where stated.
  • 100 km/h Speed Limit:
    This speed zone is indicated on many remote and rural locations and in areas where indicated.
  • 110 km/h Speed Limit:
    The highest speed limit and is applicable where signed.

Limit Your Speed. Limit Your Damage

Lane Positioning

We all know that staying in our lane is important to avoid accidents with oncoming traffic, but what about when you ride over the outer lane lines?

Whether you are travelling straight, going around a slight bend, or the road takes a sharp turn, stay within the outer lane lines. Pedestrians, parked cars, broken down vehicles, police, or road workers, may be positioned on the side of the road.

So don't navigate or ride on the road outside of your line markings as you never know what might be around the corner or up ahead!

Using Fog Lights

Is the vehicle you are driving fitted with fog lights? Did you know that there is an appropriate time to use them?

Next time you want to use your fog lights, consider whether it is warranted.

In Tasmania, the Department of Transport stipulates that fog lights are only to be used during times of reduced visibility such as:

  • Fog
  • Heavy Rain
  • Dust Clouds
  • Snowfall

So before you turn on your fog lights, make sure the weather conditions are severe enough for you to use them.

Speeding - It's No Laughing Matter!

In addition to posing a danger to you, speeding will endanger the lives of your fellow passengers, motorists, and pedestrians. Furthermore, it is a costly exercise that will certainly hurt the pocket.

So save dollars and save lives by not speeding!

Please Note: Car Rental Buddy provides the above information as a resource only. We advise readers to view the current and up-to-date road safety guides and road rules for each State by visiting their associated transport website.