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Road Safety New South Wales

New South Wales Road Safety

With a fantastic array of driving locations on offer within New South Wales, it's not hard to create a self-paced road trip itinerary.

The Grand Pacific Drive, Northern Beaches Drive, and Myall Lakes National Park are just a few of the many top scenic drives that provide you with glorious scenery and an abundance of things to explore and experience.

So whether your driving trip is a short weekend getaway or you are embarking on a long travel journey, we hope the following road safety tips can be a positive component in helping you to take care when driving through New South Wales.

Safe Mobile Communication Use

There's no excuse - you should not use your mobile phone while driving. Being distracted means your concentration is not on the task at hand - driving.

If you are behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, it has the capacity to cause major damage if you are not in a position to operate it correctly.

So brush up on what you need by checking out our quick mobile phone safety tips.

  • When communicating while driving, ensure you use a hands-free mobile and that it is operational before commencing your journey so you can easily, without distraction, access the device. For example, ensure your bluetooth device is appropriately connected.
  • Advise the person you are communicating with that you are driving and may need to call them back at a more suitable time.
  • Do not use text messages, email, or other components of your phone while driving - this includes your GPS functionality.
  • Be vigilant of your concentration levels and cease communication via hands-free should you be placing yourself, your passengers, or other motorists in danger.

The NSW Government Advises: 'Remember, if you don't have proper control of your vehicle because you are talking on a hands-free mobile phone you are guilty of an offence.'

Dangerous Driving - Road Safety Message

Give Way to Emergency Vehicles

City or country driving the same rule applies, give way to emergency vehicles.

Here's our simply guide to help you to be more alert to emergency vehicles.

  • While it may sound unnecessary, it pays to have a quick look before taking off at a set of traffic lights to ensure there are no emergency vehicles entering from another intersection point.
  • Keep your music at a safe level so you can hear sirens.
  • Check your rear view mirrors regularly to see if there are any approaching emergency vehicles that are using flashing lights without sirens.
  • Always take safe action should you need to move out of the way. Think and make decisions that will not pose a danger to you or other motorists - make sensible choices.

Lookout for Signs!

Keep a lookout for signs while travelling and ensure you respect the information and guidelines displayed.

Here are examples of signs you may encounter on your journey.

  • Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone: To protect crops and farms, fruit fly exclusion zones are in place. This means, before entering a fruit fly exclusion zone you must dispose of all fruit and vegetables.
  • Fire Ban: A sign illustrating a fire ban is in place to protect all people. With hot and dry conditions experienced within the outback, fires can easily become out of control and cause widespread damage as well as putting lives in danger. Please adhere to the rules of all signs stating that a fire ban is in place.
  • Road Closed: Road closures may be in place and are done so as a means to protect all motorists. Torrential rains can cause problems to roads resulting in unsafe driving conditions.
  • School Zones: During the hours of 8:00 am to 9:30 am and 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm motorists travelling on roads with school zone speed limits are required to not exceed 40 km/h.

Top Safety Tip for City Driving

Watch out for pedestrians!

Sometimes pedestrians may be distracted by their mobile phones or music players and don't notice or realise the traffic in their surroundings.

Pay extra attention before entering streets, taking off at traffic lights, and when navigating areas with heavy street parking - pedestrians may walk in between cars to cross the road and step out in your path.

Buckle Up - Road Safety Message

Please Note: Car Rental Buddy provides the above information as a resource only. We advise readers to view the current and up-to-date road safety guides and road rules for each State by visiting their associated transport website.