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12 May, 2012 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Recipe For A Great Road Trip Lunch

The team at Car Rental Buddy has voted on the best light, healthy, and yummy lunch to pack when going on a day road trip that involves stopping for that much needed lunch break!

Finding something that is both healthy and able to curb the hunger cravings can be difficult. It can also be hard to determine what is easy to prepare as well as easy to transport.

Click here to view our great recipe.

Here is our recipe for preparing our 'Moroccan Chicken Salad Served with Choice of Dressing'.


Quantity of ingredients depends on how you would like to portion them for personal taste.

  • Four leaf lettuce mix

  • Chicken breast

  • Bacon

  • Cucumber

  • Capsicum

  • Salad dressing (our team choice is peri-peri dressing or french)

You can add any of your salad favourites. If adding tomato, try the cherry tomato range. They are small and don't require cutting. This can help by not making your salad go mushy.


  • Dice chicken breast. Place in a fry pan with a small amount of oil to avoid chicken sticking. Sprinkle moroccan seasoning (to desired taste) over the chicken while it is cooking.

  • Cook thoroughly. Remove from heat and let cool. If required, cut the chicken into smaller pieces when adding to the salad mix.

  • Dice bacon and cook to desired taste. Remove from heat and let cool.

  • Prepare the salad by chopping the four leaf lettuce mix, cucumber, and capsicum. Add all ingredients, including the chicken and bacon, to a bowl and mix.


  • Distribute salad to individual containers.

  • Add choice of dressings to salad dressing travel tubs. (These can be found in Coles and Woolworths)

  • Pack in a small esky or cooler bag with frozen travel ice blocks, and also include some napkins and forks.

Enjoy your travel journey and bon-appetit.