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27 May, 2015 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Melbourne, Australia or Melbourne, USA?

Did you know that there is a Melbourne in Australia and also in the United States?

While this is a great fun fact, it's not great or fun if you accidentally select the wrong location when placing a booking - especially for car hire!

As we compare vehicle rental for locations all around the globe, we thought it would be helpful to provide a few tips on how you can check that the correct location has been selected during our quote / booking process.

Here are our top three tips:

1. Flag Icons in Quote Form

Step One of the quote process requires you to select a pick up and drop off location. Once you start typing, a selection of possible locations that match the letters you have entered will appear in a drop down menu.

Check the Flag Icons

2. Address for Pick Up / Drop Off

Step Two of the quote process allows you to view a list of possible car rental packages that meet your preferred car hire requirements (pick up and drop off location, dates, and times). When selecting a deal for further information, you are provided a Booking Summary that details the actual address for pick up and drop off. In the example below, the address clearly outlines that pick up is from Melbourne that is located in Florida, United States.

Pick Up Address

3. Code in Reservation Number

Upon placing a booking, you are issued with a reservation number. This number will detail the country code for your booking at the beginning. If the above vehicle was booked, the reservation number will commence with US followed by a series of numbers, for example US123456789.

Ensure you take note of your reservation number (it will be provided to you in your booking confirmation email) as you will need to reference it should you wish to contact our team regarding your booking, or if you would like to make an amendment or cancellation online through our 'My Booking' portal.

Booking Voucher

If you experience any difficulties or have any questions while performing a quote, placing a booking, or need assistance after reserving a rental package, you are most welcome to contact our reservation team 24 hours a day on 1300 737 400 or +61 2 8228 1898.

Don't forget that in addition to city locations, we compare car hire for major and remote airports that include Melbourne Airport in Australia.

We hope the above information provides you with a greater level of confidence in knowing how you can ensure you have selected the correct country for your car rental booking.

Happy car hire!