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09 March, 2015 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Key Differences Between Airport Suppliers

Planning on booking airport car hire and are a little unsure on your options for where to pick up and drop off your vehicle?

When comparing airport suppliers, you will notice key differences between their inclusions as well as the services they offer with respect to collecting and returning your vehicle.

We have prepared the following information to help assist in explaining the aspects of free shuttle bus, meet and greet, and airport terminal pick up.

Free Shuttle Bus

"The car rental company provides a free shuttle bus to the car pick up location near the main airport terminal."

Some suppliers provide car hire vehicles for airline passengers but have their depot located off-site from the airport. This essentially means that they are located within close proximity to the airport and will present customers with a free shuttle bus service to and from their depot. Suppliers will detail how their shuttle service operate, with many providing you the convenience to contact them once you are ready to be collected.

Top Tip: You may find an off-site supplier can offer some great deals as they generally do not incur airport fees so there can be additional savings on your rental package.

Meet And Greet

"A representative from the car hire company will meet you in the airport and take you to the car pick up location."

Choosing a supplier that provides a 'meet and greet' service entails you being personally presented with your chosen rental vehicle directly at the airport or individually taken to the location where your hire car is located.

One of our main suppliers that caters such a service outlines that their goal is to present customers with a convenient and personalised way to access their vehicle while removing the task of finding the rental desk at the airport.

Airport Terminal Pickup

"The car rental company has a desk directly in the airport terminal."

Airport terminal pick up is classified as the convenient option whereby you can access the supplier's rental desk within the airport terminal and can collect and drop off your hire vehicle at the airport. Furthermore, these suppliers are known as on-site suppliers due to their business presenting a complete service within the airport location.

Locating the Info

When performing a quote, our booking engine will outline in the top features section of the rental package the details for pick up and drop off. For more information, a brief description is illustrated when you select the term, as shown in the image below. You can also find out additional details specific to the supplier within the rental conditions.

Supplier Options

We hope the above information has been helpful in explaining what airport suppliers offer. If you have any concerns or wish to obtain assistance with your car hire booking, then please contact our friendly customer care team 24 hours a day on 1300 737 400 or +61 2 8228 1898.