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07 May, 2014 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Don't Be Fooled By Your Dashboard!

Headlight Safety

If you are hiring a car that offers you a new driver experience with a highly illuminated dashboard that doesn't really change between when you have your headlights on and off, then take care to ensure you have your lights switched on before you embark on your journey at night.

While most drivers will instantly be aware of their failure to have their headlights on when navigating a dark road, it is when driving along streets that are illuminated with street lighting that drivers can travel for long distances without realising they are a danger on the road.

The level of danger increases, especially during wet weather, as other drivers rely heavily on your car's visibility (via the front and rear lights) to make safe judgement decisions about their driving.

It is also important for pedestrians and cyclists as well, as their ability to clearly see your vehicle is detrimental to their safety.

Take a few seconds to locate the light or icon that illustrates you have your headlights on. Don't solely rely on your dashboard lighting as most modern vehicles are using digital displays that broadcast a bright light for both night and day driving.