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20 July, 2012 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Top Tips For Your Car Hire Quote Process

Car hire is similar to accommodation - best to book in advance to get the best deals, subject to availability, and peak times means higher prices.

When you are planning your next car hire, take note of our simple and helpful tips to assist you in getting the best from the car rental quote process. With access and information readily available online, you can improve your ability to find the best car hire deals by doing some research and planning.

Tip One: Car Hire Locations

Convenience is one of the top aspects for car hire customers and this is especially so with respect to location. When arriving by plane, the opportunity to access suppliers located at the airport is convenient and a great way to easily plan your transport itinerary. Expand your search criteria and compare car hire deals for locations close to the airport. You may need to add an extra trip (taxi) to get there, but it may be the difference between settling for a car rental deal that was reasonable for your needs and finding the perfect vehicle for your requirements.

Our Tip: Google maps can assist you with researching your required destination and surrounding locations. When conducting a quote for a city location, select 'All Areas' rather than a specific destination within the city. Expanding your possible car hire locations provides you the opportunity to view additional suppliers and their deals that may not have been displayed had you selected a specific area within the city.

When booking during peak times or peak seasons, remember to consider all possible options available to you. Adding an extra step to your plans may result in a better car rental deal.

Tip Two: Pick Up & Drop Off Times

Timing is everything! When selecting your pick up and drop off times, remember that availability of cars is based on customers returning a vehicle. This is an important tip to remember for when booking in peak seasons. If you find your quote results are limited or may return no results at all, try to select an alternative pick up and / or drop off time to view other possible options. With many booking engines offering you the ability to select pick up and drop off times in 15 minutes increments, you may find a slight time change can offer you a different result of car rental packages.

Top Tip: Consider traffic and peak times for when picking up and returning your car hire vehicle. Avoid the congestion and competing with commuters during the morning and afternoon / evening peak periods. This can also help in ensuring you arrive at the supplier on time to avoid problems or delays with your booking schedule.

Tip Three: Pick Up & Drop Off Dates

If you can be flexible with your pick up and drop off dates, compare deals for different days and the duration of car hire. For example, consider a week day pick up and drop off rather than a Saturday or Sunday.

Top Tip: Many suppliers offer great week day deals. Use car hire comparison websites to view deals from across a range of suppliers.

Planning & Research

Similar to all aspects of travel, planning and research can assist in getting the best car hire deals possible for your travel needs.

Enjoy your travels and ensure you take care.