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22 September, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Tips for 'Keep Clear' & 'No Parking' Zones

Don't be ignorant when behind the wheel of a car! Road signs and road markings are only part of the equation to safe driving with common sense and driver courtesy being a major contributor to safely navigating road situations.

Here are a few tips we think you should keep in mind with regard to how your stationary vehicle (no matter how temporary) can wreak havoc for other motorists.

Keep Clear

Whether clearly advised through road signs or if it comes down to driver courtesy, it is essential to traffic flow and motorist safety to keep an intersection clear.

So here's two basic tips for how you can avoid an accident and road rage, especially in built up areas.

Road Markings and Signage

Obey road markings that state 'Keep Clear'. Don't think that it only provides other drivers the ability to turn into or leave a street located on the left or right of your position. At times, the allocation of keeping the section of road clear is to help with allowing emergency vehicles an unobstructed entry and exit point.

Blocking a Keep Clear Intersection

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So the light is green and you think, 'no problems, I have right of way'. Take care to look ahead and consider whether there is traffic congestion. Stop at the lights and only proceed forward into the intersection should there be enough room for you to safely cross. If not, the lights could change and you will be in the way of traffic that now has right of way.

Blocking an Intersection

Part Image Courtesy of drivingtesttips.biz

No Parking

When looking for a place to park, keep these pointers in mind to ensure your stationary vehicle is not going to cause any major dramas.

While some driveways may not be clearly defined by a change in the concrete road edging, it is always best to be vigilant of where you are parking your car.

Check your surroundings and if you are unsure, park elsewhere. This will ensure you don't return to find your vehicle damaged or towed.

Yellow Road Lines
Seen the yellow lines on the edge of certain roads? This means 'No Standing' and are in place for pedestrian and driver safety. If you want to run the risk of endangering lives, then you will also run the risk of being handed a hefty fine with possible infringement notices reaching a maximum of $2000.00.

Clearway Zones
Parking in the city? Street parking may be restricted during specified times - generally peak hour. This is to help with congestion by allowing an additional lane for traffic. So to avoid having your vehicle towed, be aware of any accompanying time restrictions in place for where you have parked.

No Standing

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