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18 February, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Preparing for a Long Road Trip with the Family

Travelling by car on a long road trip is a fun and inexpensive way to travel. No long lines at the airport or delayed flights and you can definitely pack more luggage. You can stop on the side of the road to take photos anytime or get out and explore the wonders of a new town or city along the way. There is also the unspoken promise of an adventure waiting to occur out there on the open road.


To ensure that your adventure stays a memorable one for good reasons and not bad ones, let us go through some basic measures which will ensure your car is safe enough to last the journey. After all, preventing a possible disaster is always better than having to fix one after it?s occurred.

Pop the hood of your vehicle
To start off, make sure you check the cars fluids; this includes radiator coolant which will prevent your vehicle from overheating. Oil is next in the list ? ensure you have a good supply and that you take a bottle with you if going on a long trip. Your battery should be checked prior to embarking on a road trip to make sure it is not nearing the average expected ?life? span, which is on average 4 years. The majority of vehicle breakdowns are attributed to a dead battery, therefore it?s easier to get your battery checked than to be stuck at a busy intersection, or worse out in the middle of nowhere.

Check lights, tyres and?brakes
Checking that all your lights are working and the thickness of your brake pads are also important safety measures to put in place. Checking your tyres, is not only important, but is possibly the most important thing to do, as driving on a bare tyre can be a major safety hazard for you and your family. There are numerous companies around Australia which can do these safety checks for you: Kmart Tyre and Auto can do battery testing, while you can get your battery and tyres checked at Beaurepaires.

Ensure correct booster/baby seats
Last but not least, if you are travelling with little ones, make sure you have the correct booster/baby seats with you. Another good tip is to have a whiteboard in your garage so you can write a list of must-do?s which can be ticked off before embarking on a long road trip with the family to ensure you have a great family holiday without the worry!