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15 November, 2011 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Great Travel Resources for Your Next Road Trip

Technology has provided us with the ability to easily access information and resources through our mobile phones. But when taking your next road trip in a caravan, camper trailer or camper van, why not invest in some good old-fashioned reference material that can really assist and provide you with some great handy travel tips. These resources are also great if your road trip involves you camping along the way for short time periods.

The 'Budget Camps & Stops Australia' book is a must-have for travellers that are making their journey by road. This is a value packed guide that illustrates over 1000 free or low-cost rest areas and overnight stays along Australia's highways. All sites are less than $10 per night and this guide conveniently provides a key detailing what facilities and services are available at each site. For example, water, toilets, showers, fireplace, shade, mobile phone service, no dogs allowed, etc. Sites are highlighted on maps for ease of reference and a visual snippet is also provided.

This guide can assist you in determining well in advanced if a site is suitable for your requirements.

Visit www.exploreaustralia.net.au to find out information on how to purchase this guide.

The 'Camps Australia Wide' is the ultimate guide presenting travellers with information on camping spots, rest areas, station stays, national and state parks, country and remote caravan parks Australia-wide.

It presents over 3,700 listings and is ideal to suit the budget and freedom traveller. Comprehensive information on each location is provided including symbols and keys denoting what services and facilities are available. With 408 colour pages of information and details, you can access a wide range of locations from this great guide.

To purchase a copy, please visit www.campsaustraliawide.com.

The 'Australian Travellers Atlas' is a compact, yet handy, travel companion that offers readers fantastic information.

This is an ideal guide offering:

  • Capital city maps
  • Tips for backpackers
  • Detailed and complete Australia-wide road atlas
  • Information on top attractions and touring highlights

When taking your next road trip, make sure you check out the great books and guides that are available. They are all designed to provide you with comprehensive information to ensure you get the best from your travels.

Take care and have fun exploring the open roads of Australia!