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05 May, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Best Car Rental Deals in Australia for US Residents

If you are located in the United States and are looking to venture to Australia for a captivating holiday escape, then you may be considering your car hire options. We have created a quick and easy booking guide that will help you with understanding the rental packages available so you can choose the best car rental deal for your travel needs.

As we compare a great range of cheap and discounted deals from both major and independent suppliers, we have the ability to offer you very competitive rates. So when you are conducting a car hire quote keep in mind that our suppliers will offer you various levels of rental packages in relation to price, inclusions, and insurance options.

To illustrate, the 'Hyundai Accent of similar' in the image below shows as a Basic Rental Package for $283.84 for a seven day rental*. You will also notice there are two other rental packages listed that are from different suppliers with different vehicles (but similar to the Hyundai Accent) that may also meet your needs. These are placed under the tabs of 'Inclusive' and 'Inclusive No Excess'.

Choose What is Right For You

*The quote example used within this article has been performed on the Car Rental Buddy website for a seven day hire period for the Brisbane International Airport. To be provided the most up-to-date prices and rental package availability, please conduct a quote or call us on 1300 737 400 (or +61 2 8228 1898).

Basic Rental Package

In the quote example, Europcar presents a Basic Rental Package for the Hyundai Accent or similar. This deal is perfect for US customers that have credit card insurance offering cover for car hire. If you are unsure if a Basic Rental Package is right for your needs, check with your bank to find out the options available for your credit card.

At Car Rental Buddy, we offer third party insurance options through Allianz. To find out if Allianz Rental Car Protector Insurance is available against your rental preferences and information, simply click on 'Select' and look for the section titled 'Rental Car Protector'. Please note that Allianz Insurance may not be available for certain rental packages, locations, and for some international customers.

Basic Rental Package

Inclusive Rental Package

The deal below is the Inclusive Rental Package for a Toyota Corolla or similar and is provided (in this quote example) by East Coast Car Rentals. The Inclusive Rental Package offers you basic insurance coverage, but you are liable to pay an excess amount in the event of an accident or if the vehicle is stolen. To view the excess amount provided by the listed supplier, click on ' Rental Conditions'. Here you can also view if they offer you the ability to purchase Excess Reduction at the time of pick up.

Alternatively, you may find you are able to purchase Allianz Rental Car Protector Insurance or Excess Reduction Insurance. As mentioned previously, if Allianz Insurance is listed as an option once you click on 'Select' for a rental package, you will be able to include it as part of your hire deal.

Inclusive Rental Package

Inclusive No Excess Rental Package

The rental package 'Inclusive No Excess' is for US customers that wish to rent a vehicle that includes basic insurance as well as a complete excess reduction package. This means you are not liable to pay an excess in the event of an accident or if the rental vehicle is stolen.

Inclusive No Excess Rental Package

So depending on your needs and budget, there are various options available to you through Car Rental Buddy and the suppliers it compares.

Top Tip: Always read the 'Rental Conditions' to view the inclusions available from the listed supplier and if you wish to purchase Allianz Insurance, always read their PDS to be fully aware of the T&Cs!

If you have any questions or need assistance with making your rental package selection, please call us 24 hours a day on 1300 737 400 (or +61 2 8228 1898).