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Thinking to Hire a Car One Way From Perth to Broome?

Western Australia offers some of the most historic and visual landscapes that you will see in Australia. If a driving holiday is what you seek in Western Australia, then hiring a vehicle may be the ideal solution that you are looking for.

You can opt to hire a car in Perth and then drop-off the vehicle in Broome. Taking this route will allow you to explore the wonders of the south-western coastline, whilst granting you an opportunity to see the vast landscape in between and arriving in the scenic city of Broome.

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Which Car Rental Providers Offer One Way Car Hire From Perth to Broome?

The following car hire companies have car hire depots in both Perth and Broome, and both companies offer one way car hire.

  • Avis
  • Hertz

How Far is it From Perth to Broome?

There are two main routes that you can take from Perth to Broome. The first is the inland route, which requires you to take the National Highway 95 and National Highway 1. The distance is 2240km and requires 23h and 48 minutes driving time.

The second option is the coastal route, which goes via National Route 1 and the National Highway. The distance is 2346km and will require 24h driving time.

You can use the map below to plan your travel route.

Why Should You Consider a One Way Car Hire From Perth to Broome?

If you plan to travel with a group of people and you want to have the flexibility to stop and explore different areas, then a car hire option will be the most cost-effective solution.

How Does it Compare With Other Forms of Transportation?

We've provided a table below that will help you compare the value between each transportation mode.

Transportation Mode

Time Duration

Estimated Price

Car Hire (7 days)




2h 40mins





If you were to only take the vehicle for a day, the value wouldn't be worthwhile. However, if you decide to take the vehicle for more than 5 days, then you will get good value for money since you will have the vehicle for longer, and you will be able to explore more of the Australian landscape.

What Can I See Along the Route?

There is a lot of open space on the route from Perth to Broome. There are a few places that you can visit along the way, however you should expect that there are a few settlement towns in the country areas. Some of the places that you can visit include:

  • Monkey Mia
  • Coral Bay
  • Exmouth
  • National Parks

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Tops Travel Information For Your Journey

So much to see and explore around the Perth and Broome regions. Explore, experience, and enjoy more options when you hire a car.