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Travel Asia With Your Own Car Hire

Travel, explore, experience, indulge, and truly encompass a culture that exudes an amazing and captivating vibe. Uncover hidden treasures, expand your historical knowledge, or simply enjoy the delights of local cities and villages that span this amazing continent, Asia.

Ski in Japan, safari in India, hike and trek the wilderness in Malaysia, or relax on the sands of neighbouring remote islands.

Travellers that love the great outdoors will be thoroughly delighted with the landscapes presented and their uniquely inspiring environments.

Foodies will have ample opportunities to put heat into their taste buds by experiencing the flavoursome packed curries of India or indulge in the local cuisines of Japan or China.

Let your taste buds dance in a world of new flavours and ingredients that are culturally representative.

Awaken Your Senses & Open Your Mind!

Asia encompasses countries that leave travellers inspired, captivated, and rejuvenated. Whether it is the introduction to an array of culinary delights and flavours that tantalise your taste buds or the culture, environments, and landscapes that leave you in awe, each traveller will experience a unique and truly amazing adventure.

Food, glorious food! Strolling through the markets and stalls will have your senses tantalised. The simple smells of the culinary flavours, spices, and ingredients will have your taste buds dancing with delight in anticipation of tasting the cultural dishes of each region.

A new sense of appreciation can be found through the cultural, historical, and spiritual aspects of each Asian country. A continent encompassing many countries, Asia is known for its spiritual charm and character that can be found within its natural landscapes and through its people and their welcoming persona.

Tranquil, Intriguing & Surprising

Be surprised and intrigued by the truly breath-taking landscapes that sprawl across the countries of Asia. Travellers can engage in a range of activities and adventures. Whether it's land or sea that inspires your inner sense of relaxation or ignites your sense for adrenalin filled adventure, then Asia presents to you a playground of things to see, do, and explore.

Green Thumb Indulgence

If you love the visual display of colour and artistic flair found in nature then the many Gardens on display throughout Asia will leave you amazed. Their capacity to offer you picturesque settings that are breath-taking and tranquil will have you feeling like you are in another world.

When planning your travel itinerary make sure you take the time to visit one of the many Garden locations within Asia.

  • Garden of Dreams - Nepal
  • Osho Teerth Gardens - India
  • Thread Garden - India
  • Lin Family Mansion and Garden - Taiwan
  • Shalimar Gardens - Pakistan
  • Shanghai Botanical Gardens - China
  • Jizo-In - Japan
  • Butterfly Sanctuary - Philippines
  • Shosei-en - Japan
  • Zuiho-in - Japan

For the Water Lovers!

For all the water lovers - your travels to Asia would not be complete without adding a trip to one of the many beaches on offer. Thailand, China, Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, just to name a few, all offer travellers some amazing locations to sit back and relax on the shores of the Asian coastline.

If relaxing is not your past time, then take to the water and have an enjoyable time partaking in activities such as wind surfing, surfing, snorkelling, and diving.

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