Route 66. The wind is in your hair, the sun is shining and your best buddy is by your side. We’re all familiar with the Hollywood version of a road trip. In reality though, things don’t always run so smoothly. So says car hire company They’ve come up with a number of scenarios you’re more likely to encounter in real life. And they’re not always pretty. Don’t get us wrong, road trips are one of the best ways (if not the best way) to explore a destination– as long as you’re not sharing with these characters:

The Sing Along Guy

The Sing-Along Guy

He’s got “Get Lucky” trapped in his head and he’s not afraid to share it with you for the whole journey. Over and over. And over and over. And over. Prepare for bonus whistling/humming edits of his personal playlist too. You have been warned.

The Turtle

The Turtle

Conversation is awkward with this one. He’s too busy concentrating on the road ahead to engage in any sort of meaningful talk or entertaining banter. And you can forget about witty repartee or idle chit chat. Time moves slowly on a road trip with this driver. As slow as a turtle, in fact.

The Talker

The Talker

Yackity yak, blah blah blah, after a while it all blends into background noise. You nod along, intercepting with a “yep” every now and again, try to change the subject – “oh look at that funny dog over there” or even turn up the volume on the radio. Nothing works.

The Girlfriend Talker

The Girlfriend Talker

When he’s not texting or instant messaging he’s on the phone, chatting to his beloved who he has just waved goodbye to ten minutes ago. He doesn’t care who hears his conversation, no matter how soppy – prepare for “you hang up first, no, you hang up, no you hang up…” and hope his battery-life runs out sharpish.

The Smoker

The Chain Smoker

A haze of smoke and fog surrounds this one. He takes his filthy habit everywhere, even inside your ‘pine-fresh’ car. Possibly one of the worst companions to take on a road trip, his presence will linger on well after you two have gone your separate ways.

Do any of these remind you of someone you know? Are you guilty of any of these crimes against road tripping? Leave a comment and let us know!

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