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Enjoy Your Journey in South America

Ignite your excitement for life through the power of dance, music, and sheer enthusiasm. Revel in the vibrant atmosphere that oozes from South America. Whether your love of history and culture is your basis for travelling, or your adventurous spirit has called you to challenge the many activities on offer, then South America has something for everyone.

Inspirational Atmosphere

South America offers an ambience and exudes a spirit that is sure to excite.

Partake in amazing adventures with natural unspoilt locations presenting the opportunities to challenge you and push you to experience new achievements.

Put your dance shoes on and Samba the night away in the beach towns of Brazil or enjoy strolling the Andean markets while listening to the sounds of the panpipes.

Top locations to add to your itinerary in South America include the Amazonia, Angel Falls, Iguazu Falls, Lake Titicaca, Easter Island, Galapagos Archipelago, and Nazca Lines.

Five Road Trip Locations

Hit the road and explore your surroundings by incorporating a road trip adventure into your travel plans. With plenty of destinations and top attractions to include within your journey, you are sure to create a memorable trip packed full of things to see and do.

  • Argentina

    Picturesque towns and villages are a plenty along the road trip of Argentina. Red mountains and rock formations, the Quebrada de Cafayate, provide a marvellous visual display when travelling Ruta 68. For contrast scenery, this journey takes you through the wine-growing region of Argentina and ventures on to allow you to explore the pre-Inca ruins of Quilmes.

  • Bolvia

    The 'Death Road' journey is renowned as one of the world's most notorious road adventures. This journey lies between Coroico and La Paz and provides a trip that includes venturing through dense rainforest and travelling on roads that present dangerous drop-offs. Weather can play havoc for this journey and can place drivers in dangerous situations. Care is strongly advised for this journey.

  • Brazil

    A coastal road trip that presents a journey from Sao Luis to Rio De Janerio and provides the chance to travel a long distances between towns.

  • Chile

    A true road trip adventure that provides travellers the opportunity to plan and think ahead for their journey. With rugged terrain and service stations sparsely located, this is one adventure you will need to plan for. Take this trip and be thoroughly amazed by landscapes of desert mountains, pre-Inca ruins, villages, and snow-capped volcanos.

  • Colombia

    The perfect location to take that much needed coastal road trip or countryside journey. Offering travellers two environment contrasts, this journey appeals to those that would love to explore unspoilt coastal locations as well as venture into the heart of the countryside and be amazed by the Andes Mountains and central highlands.

Be Entertained!

From jazz clubs, cocktail lounges to bars, South America is sprawling with an array of entertainment hot spots that will have you tapping your feet to the sounds of great tunes or moving your hips to the rhythm of upbeat and enjoyable live music.

Here are some entertainment spots to put on your travel list.

  • Notorious - Jazz Club, Buenos Aires
  • Teatro Municipal - Live Performances, Santiago
  • Puente Pexoa - Club, Corrientes
  • 7 Angelitos - Live Music, Cuzco
  • Pena Marka Tambo - Live Music, La Paz

Food, Food & More Food!

Always wear loose fitting clothes as the food is amazing and will have you wanting more. Select from a range of cuisines from Italian, Peruvian, Brazilian, South American, Argentinian, and much more from the restaurants, eateries, cafes, and pubs that are spread across this glorious continent. Experience a new culture through the sensational flavours and tastes of food!

Traveller's tops picks include:

  • Jack's Café - Cuzco, Peru
  • Zaza Bistro Tropical - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Crepes & Waffles - Bogota, Colombia
  • Las Vacas Gordas - Santiago, Chile
  • Los Toldos - Cuzco, Peru
  • Magic Bean - Quito, Ecuador
  • Minuteman Revolutionary Pizza - Uyuni, Bolivia

Adventures All The Way!

If you want to make your trip an activity based adventure, then South America is the continent to visit.

Guided tours, hiking adventures, day trips, boat tours, horse riding trips, cycling, scuba diving, rafting, fishing, gliding, rock climbing, cruises, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, and the list goes on. See the gorgeous landscapes, picturesque locations, and breath-taking scenery through one or many of the great activities on offer.

Consider the following as part of your adventure packed holiday.

  • Reserv Cusco Ltda - Mountain Biking in Cuzco, Peru
  • Zarcillo Connection - Mountain Biking in Pisco, Peru
  • Cruce de Lagos - Boat Tour in Puerto Varas, Chile
  • Barcaza Melinka Tours - Boat Tour in Punta Arenas, Chile
  • Garganta del Diablo - Hiking in Tilcara, Argentina
  • The 'W' - Hiking in Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine, Chile
  • Galapagos - Scuba Diving in Puerto Ayora, Ecuador
  • San Andres - Scuba Diving in San Andres, Colombia
  • Abismo de Anhumas - Scuba Diving or Snorkeling in Bonito, Brazil
  • Cabalgatas Carol Jones - Horse Riding in Bariloche, Argentina
  • El Relincho - Horse Riding in Coroico, Bolivia

Plenty of Locations to Rent a Car

From Anguilla through to Venezuela, we compare rental packages for suppliers located all throughout South America. If you want to hire a car for your travel adventures, then give us a call 24 hours a day on 1300 737 400 or +61 8228 1898 and let us help you to compare, book, and save!

Don't forget, you can also easily compare and book online through our quick and simple quote form located above.

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