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Experience Something New in North America

Never be short on things to see and do while visiting North America. Plan your itinerary well in advance to ensure you experience all that is on offer. Choose from top attractions such as, Universal Studios, Golden Gate Bridge, Times Square, Walt Disney World, Bourbon Street, Fremont Street, CN Tower, Michigan Avenue, Southernmost Point, and much more.

Upbeat, Captivating & Inviting

A world of boundless energy awaits you in North America. Whether it is the sights and world renowned locations that have drawn you to this continent or the sheer thrill to experience the upbeat and alive feeling that oozes from its major city centres, then you will be sure to enjoy an amazing travel adventure in North America.

Take in a show, see the sights, enjoy a delicious meal, have an adventure, or simply sit back and relax while watching the cities of North America unfold in a fast paced and enthusiast manner.

Nothing Beats the Live Action

There is nothing more exciting than experiencing football fever first hand.

Immerse yourself in the upbeat and powerful enthusiasm of Gridiron in America. Road trip and visit the many stadiums that are home to renowned football teams.

Plan to catch a game and really feel the excitement of being seated in a grandstand that houses so many and be part of the thrill of seeing two great football teams vie for a win.

Hidden Treasures

Engage in history and be excited by the hidden treasures and wealth of information that are etched in the architectural designs of buildings and on display throughout of museums, memorial sites, boardwalks, and bridges of North America.

Take time to visit the National WWII Memorial that honours the men and women that fought courageously for their country and also be sure to include the following on your must see list!

  • Bushnell Park Memorial - Hartford
  • Irish Hunger Memorial - Washington DC
  • WTC Tribute Visitors Center - New York City
  • Titanic Memorial - Washington DC
  • New England Holocaust Memorial - Boston

Awaken Your Tastebuds!

While many of these restaurants serve food we all know, it is more the case of how it is cooked and presented that will leave you in awe of how simple ingredients are blended to create such delicious meals. For travellers, these eateries and restaurants have been highly recommended.

  • Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles - Los Angeles
  • Escape from New York Pizza - San Francisco
  • Salt Lick BBQ - Austin
  • Barking Crab - Boston
  • In-N-Out Burger - Las Vegas
  • Pink Door Ristorante - Seattle
  • Pascucci - Santa Barbara
  • Billy Goat Tavern - Chicago
  • Skyline Chilli - Cincinnati
  • Ikedas - Auburn
  • Angry Dog - Dallas
  • Hot Chocolate - Chicago

See the Sights!

Be the envy of your friends by saying 'been there' next time the famous landmarks and activities appear on the big screen.

  • Alcatraz, San Francisco

    Venture to 'the Rock' and step foot onto the island that is well portrayed in many films and tv shows. Its history is sure to amaze you.

  • Central Park, New York City

    Escape the busy city streets and surround yourself in a lush haven of green lawns and flourishing gardens. In the centre of Manhattan, the serene and pleasant environment of Central Park is a welcome change to the busy and fast paced streets of the city surrounds.

  • Statue of Liberty, New York City

    The Statue of Liberty is a world renowned icon and is symbolic of the Declaration of Independence. Portrayed in many movies and tv shows as a cornerstone in history, this statue is one that is for the must-see list!

  • John Hancock Center, Chicago

    Escape to the top of the world by venturing to the observatory on the 94th floor and take in the amazing views. Awaken your senses by taking the 'skywalk' and feel the wind against your skin and hear the sounds of the city below. The 96th floor offers visitors the chance to experience the sensational views from the comfort of a lounge! Purchase a drink, relax, and enjoy.

Top Road Trips in North America

Consider car hire and plan a road trip to take in the scenery and to immerse yourself into the natural beauty and surrounds of locations within North America.

  1. California's Pacific Coast

    Trip Length (Approx):169 miles or 257 kilometres

    Locations Trip Encounters: Morro Bay, San Simeon, Lucia, Big Sur, Carmel By the Sea, Monterrey

    Offers: Camping and hiking, mountains and hills, parks, restaurants, shopping, picnic areas, scenic water views, and care should be taken as road can have sharp bends and can be hilly. Travel the infamous California Route One from Monterey to Morro Bay, CA and experience scenery that will amaze. This journey provides an endless display of lush valleys, mountains, rolling hills, waterfalls, wildlife, and much more.

  2. Million Dollar Highway Loop

    Trip Length (Approx): 230 miles or 370 kilometres

    Locations Trip Encounters: Durango, Ouray, Silverton, Telluride

    Offers: Camping and hiking, flora viewing, forest views, historic attractions, mountains and hills, wildlife viewing, shopping, and care should be taken as road can have sharp bends and can be hilly.

    The Adventure: Take in a scenic route through south western Colorado that will provide you with access to hot springs, lush valleys, mountainous regions, and red-rock canyons. This journey will also provide the opportunity to experience history and nature by exploring the historic mining towns and national parks on offer.

  3. Indian River Lagoon

    Trip Length (Approx): 43 miles or 69 kilometres

    Locations Trip Encounters: Indian River Lagoon, Jensen Beach, Indian River Drive

    Offers: Restaurants, shopping, and scenic water views.

    The Adventure: Enjoy a combination of rural roads and open highways with a generous amount of captivating and intriguing scenery that will be sure to impress.

  4. Little Muskingum River Covered Bridge Tour

    Trip Length (Approx): 46 miles or 74 kilometres

    Locations Trip Encounters: Marietta, Woodsfield

    Offers: Camping and hiking, flora viewing, forest views, parks, scenic water views, and care should be taken as road can have sharp bends and can be hilly.

    The Adventure: Follow the Muskingum River and enjoy a journey of fantastic contrasts. From lush thick forests and tall river bluffs, to intriguing farm country, this road trip provides the opportunity to experience unspoilt landscapes.

  5. The Incredible 89A

    Trip Length (Approx): 24 miles or 38 kilometres

    Locations Trip Encounters: Flagstaff and Sedona

    Offers: Camping and hiking, mountains and hills, picnic areas, scenic water views, wildlife, and care should be taken as road can have sharp bends and can be hilly.

    The Adventure: Be captivated by nature from start to finish with this road trip offering breath-taking and unspoilt locations to explore and experience along the way.

Here, There, Everywhere!

Make renting a car part of your travel adventures and enjoy the flexibility it provides for you to get out and about at your own pace.

We compare car hire for a multitude of locations and destinations throughout North America. Call us 24 hours a day on 1300 737 400 (or +61 8228 1898) to discuss your car hire options for North America and let us help you with finding the perfect rental package to meet your needs and budget. Alternatively, you can compare great rates from our suppliers by completing our free quote form located at the top of this page.

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