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Looking to Rent a Car in Tamworth?

When most hear the name, Tamworth their immediate thoughts are of country music, hay bales, and utes! Tamworth, while it is the Country Music Capital of Australia, is a destination that exudes a unique, inviting, and captivating presence that is all about discovering something new and exciting.

No matter your budget, holiday style, or adventure to-do list, the Tamworth region is one location you should consider for your next weekend or short-trip getaway.

Captivating Landscapes of the Tamworth Region

Water lovers will delight in the ability to explore and experience a new location to indulge in a spot of water skiing, canoeing, or sailing. Lake Keepit State Park, Chaffey Dam, and Split Rock Dam provide you the perfect playground to partake in your water sport adventures. If you prefer to simply laze the days away, take a relaxing swim or enjoy a casual boat ride while soaking in the warm sunshine.

For fishing enthusiasts, there are plenty of locations for you to attempt the 'catch of the day' with various rivers and dams providing you the ideal spot to kick back and relax and wait for the fish to bite.

Pack a picnic lunch and curb your stomach rumblings while soaking in the views of your surrounding landscapes. Whether it is the flora and fauna of the national parks, or the water views of the reserves and dams, there is an enticing landscape to intrigue and captivate all visitors.

Music, Arts & Culture in Tamworth

Tamworth pulsates music! Hosting a range of renowned events and festivals throughout the year, Tamworth draws travellers from near and far. Watch your favourite country star belt out their tunes on stage while in the surrounds of an inviting and lively atmosphere.

The region also boasts a magnificent range of arts, craft, and culture. Art lovers will revel in the amazing collections showcased at the Tamworth Regional Gallery, Weswal Gallery, and the Tamworth Regional Craft Centre. Delve into history with a visit to the Power Station Museum as it pays homage to Tamworth. Explore rich historical information and learn more about the impact of technology through the years and how advancements were introduced to the region.

If you love drama, then plan to catch a performance on display by the Dramatic Society and Tamworth Musical Society. See performances from local talent or from individuals and groups that have travelled from afar.

Car Hire Options for Tamworth

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