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18 September, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Want a Lasting Memory?

Create Happy Memories

Want a lasting memory of your rental car experience?

We suggest you take a photo with your own camera and avoid the 'flash for cash' options! If you receive a traffic or infringement notice while in possession of a rental vehicle, you are liable to pay the accompanying fine and incur the required loss of demerit points.

In addition to it being a more costly way to create a lasting impression, the photo quality won't be that great! So avoid the cost, loss of demerit points, and the risk of endangering your life and the lives of others by obeying speed limits and by keeping a watchful eye on your speedo.

Ensure that the only types of photos you return with from your holiday experience are the ones above and not the ones that come with a high price tag!