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11 October, 2012 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Top Tips for Van Hire in Australia

Van hire is an economical option for larger groups that require more seating capacity than what a standard sized vehicle offers.

We have listed a few helpful tips to assist you with knowing the options available for van hire and how to ensure you get the best rental package for your transport needs.

Seating Options

There are various seating options available within the van hire range. For example, popular vans for hire in Australia have seating options for seven, eight, or 12 passengers. Vans common to the Australian hire market include:

  • Kia Carnival 7 Seater

  • Toyota Tarago 8 Seater

  • Toyota Commuter 12 Seater

When viewing van rental packages, always check the seating capacity to ensure you choose a van that will meet your passenger requirements.

Book in Advance

Vans are not as popular as other car hire ranges with many suppliers having limited stock within their fleet. It is important that you book well in advance to access the best van rental deals and to ensure suppliers can make the necessary arrangements to meet your hire needs. Booking early is essential during peak seasons such as, school holidays and Christmas time when vans are in high demand for large travel groups.

When viewing rental packages, certain suppliers may list an ?On Request? clause. This relates to allowing suppliers 48 hours to confirm your booking as they may need to transfer your requested van from another location.

Determine Your Nominated Driver or Drivers

Car hire suppliers require bookings to be made in the driver?s name and if you would like to include an additional driver or drivers, there may be an associated charge. Before booking, determine if you would like to nominate more than one driver and compare suppliers to know the cost for this optional extra.

Age of Driver or Drivers

Vans are classified in a specific hire range and suppliers may restrict individuals aged between 21 and 24 from hiring such a vehicle due to insurance aspects.

If suppliers do permit drivers aged between 21 and 24 to hire a van, the rental package may incur an additional cost known as an ?Age Surcharge? with fees varying between suppliers. Please note, when viewing rental packages, the age surcharge may not be included in the quoted price at the time of booking, but is an additional cost payable direct to the supplier at the time of pick up.

Top Tip: To avoid an age surcharge, you may like to nominate a driver aged 25 or above.

Advice for Your Hire Period

  • All passengers should take responsibility and care during the hire period. Remember, damage to the vehicle from misuse by passengers can incur additional costs to cover any required repairs.

  • All passengers are required to wear seat belts at all times while in transit. While it is easy to manoeuvre around a van, please ensure passengers stay seated while the van is in motion.

  • Only the nominated driver or drivers as per the booking should operate the vehicle during the hire period.

  • If you are not used to driving a van, please take a few moments to become familiar with the different driving environment and ensure you know where all appropriate instruments and levers are on the driving panel so you can easily access them whilst driving.

  • Vans are shaped differently to a standard vehicle so please be conscious of your blind spots when changing lanes and your visibility when reversing.

Safe Travels

Take care when travelling and always drive to the conditions of the road. If you are travelling during wet conditions, take extra precautions and never cross flooded roads.

To view further tips on road safety, safe driving, and car hire, please visit our Information section on Car Rental Buddy.