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20 September, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Top 5 Things Not to Use Your Rental Vehicle As

For Rent

Ok, so we know that most of you will never consider using your car hire vehicle as any of the following, but we decided to just post these top five things that you should never use your rental car for as a general reference tool.

A Spot to Smoke

Majority of the car hire suppliers will stipulate in their terms and conditions that a complete smoking ban is in place when renting their vehicles.

So don't even think about lighting up and making your rental vehicle a spot to smoke - doesn't matter how much air freshener you think you can use to mask the smell!

A Transport for Pets

Once again, this is generally a rule that most suppliers will outline in their rental conditions and that is no pets are allowed in their hire cars.

So no puppy dog eyes for the customer service representative about taking your best friend in the car with you!

A Getaway Car

While it may sound silly, we just wanted to make sure that if you have any bright ideas about using your rental vehicle in a crime spree or any illegal activities, then it is seriously not the best idea. You will need to look elsewhere for a getaway car as there is no way to rent a car anonymously!

An Eatery

Thinking of eating and drinking in your rental vehicle? Take care and be sure to not allow crumbs, large food particles, or food wrappers to make their way into the seat crevices, onto the floor, or anywhere else in the car.

If you are going to be eating food other than bite size snacks, then pull over and enjoy your meal in a setting other than your rental car!

A Vehicle for Learner Drivers

Going to be renting a vehicle and will have a travel companion that is a learner driver? Don't contemplate the idea of letting them get behind the wheel of your hire car.

They will not be covered by insurance, so keep the L plates for a vehicle other than a rental.