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04 March, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Saving On Car Hire Do?s and Don'ts

1. Search and compare suppliers

When it comes to saving on car rentals, the best option is to find the best rates online by either visiting each car rental supplier or using a car rental comparison website.

Using a car rental comparison website like Car Rental Buddy will save you the most time because it allows you to sort all vehicles by price and size, and all on one screen (Yep, it?s really that easy!).


2. Book in advance, no regrets!


Just like flights and accommodation, when it comes to finding the cheapest car rental packages, the early bird really does get the worm and usually at a greatly reduced rate.

When is the best time to reserve your vehicle, you ask? We recommend 10 days or more. Anything after 10 days and you?re looking at a higher daily rental rate in most cases.

Money Saving Tip: Book a vehicle with Car Rental Buddy (that doesn?t include credit card details) and secure that rate. If you find something cheaper, simply cancel and rebook with the cheaper vehicle rate.


3. No, you?re not limited to airports

Booking with Car Rental Buddy allows you to either pickup directly at the airport or receive free transfers to a nearby car rental supplier. Wouldn't you know it? Getting the transfer to a nearby supplier can you save you up to 11.5% due to avoiding airport taxes.


4. Drive further with free kilometers

When booking a vehicle and you know there's a lot of driving involved, try to find a vehicle that has free unlimited kilometers. With many suppliers that have a limited number of driving miles, you will begin to per km over your daily allowance which can quickly add up to costing quite a bit extra.

Money Saving Tip: Click the 'Rate Details' on the online quote form to see if your rental package includes unlimited kilomoters.


5. Fill up instead of emptying your wallet

When picking up a rental car with a full tank of gas, you want to make sure you return it the same way. If you return the vehicle and the car rental supplier needs to fill up the car, they will refuel your vehicle at a higher rate.


6. Be Punctual

Returning your vehicle late can often incur extra charges by your car rental supplier. Make sure you leave yourself enough time for heavy traffic and finding a fuel station to fill up your rental vehicle.


7. Do you really need a large car?

The smaller cars are surprisingly spacious, having travelled in a Hyundai Getz several times and being 6?4 I?m always surprised at how roomy and spacious they are. When hiring a larger vehicle you will generally spend extra on rental costs, insurances and fuel consumption. Bigger is not always better!