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25 August, 2012 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Rental Car Security Tips

Purchasing excess reduction can assist with reducing the monetary headache associated with the cost you are liable to pay in the event that your rental vehicle is stolen. Unfortunately, excess reduction will not assist with the inconvenience and potential dismay that such a situation can cause to your holiday and travel plans.

We have compiled a list of simple tips to help you be security aware and to reduce the temptation for thieves to steal your rental vehicle.

Activate Security Features & Devices
Always ask the car hire supplier about the security and anti-theft devices of your rental vehicle. If required, ask for a demonstration on how to appropriately activate and use any such features.

Lock Your Doors & Double Check!
Keyless devices have made it simple for us to lock and unlock our vehicles. Remember, when renting a vehicle it may not be the same locking and unlocking features that you are use to with your own car. Different car makes use different settings, i.e. some keys use one button to unlock and lock, while others have two separate buttons dedicated to each action. Take the extra few seconds to ensure you appropriately lock your vehicle and don't become complacent!

Always lock your rental vehicle when not in use. Even when parked in a garage or on private property, take the time to make it secure.

Never Leave Your Keys in The Car
No matter how quickly you are going to be at running into the shops, or paying for fuel, it only takes a split second for someone to steal your car - especially when the keys are in the ignition. Always lock your rental car and take the keys with you!

Parking Locations
Be wary of your surroundings and choose appropriately where to park, especially when parking on the street at night. Finding a parking spot in a well-lit area can be a deterrent to would-be thieves.

Don't Leave Windows Open
Locking the doors but leaving the windows open a fraction reduces the security of your rental vehicle. During the summer months, many of us are tempted to do this as a means to keep the car cool. Unfortunately, this provides thieves an easy option for using devices (both sophisticated and simple) to maneuver through the open window and unlock your vehicle's door. Our tip to counteract the issue of getting into a hot car, is to place the windows fully down once you hop in to release the hot air and then activate your air conditioning. It may inconvenience you for a small amount of time but will be a better option to reduce the problems of being stranded on your holiday because your rental vehicle has been stolen.

Lock Your Doors While Driving
Taking other aspects into consideration, you can also assist with reducing individuals inappropriately accessing your vehicle while you are in it. While no area is free from simple and easy crimes, it can pay to lock your doors while driving. Locking your doors will reduce the opportunity for thieves to attempt a car-jacking or accessing your vehicle while stationary to take any valuables (such as hand-bags, wallets, mobile phones) that are in easy reach on passenger seats.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight
While it is easy and convenient to leave our valuables in the car while we go shopping or visiting our friends, they can be the item that catches the eye of a thief. Whenever possible, never leave money or any valuables, including a GPS or music player, in your car or in sight. This is an important tip to keep in mind when holidaying as your rental vehicle can be where you place majority of your personal belongings. If you need to store items in your car, ensure you do not make them visible through the car window and make use of your rental vehicle's consoles, storage compartments, and rear storage boot.

Be vigilant and always take the extra time to be security conscious. While it may be a small inconvenience to take such measures, it will make for a more enjoyable holiday if you can avoid having your rental vehicle stolen or broken into.