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02 August, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Quick Tip: Be Vigilant of Heavy Vehicle Signage

Road Train Signage

Australia's transport industry is comprised of a variety of heavy haulage vehicles. Many are confined for use on certain roads within the country as their sheer size and load capacities are not viable for use in built up city areas.

So if you are taking a travel journey that navigates through parts of Australia where vehicles like the triple and quad road trains are prevalent, it pays to be vigilant of their signage as it will help you to better understand the type of vehicle you are sharing the road with.

If you are following a heavy haulage vehicle that presents a 'long vehicle' or 'road train' sign, then keep in mind the following information - especially if you are planning on overtaking!

Long Vehicle: Can range in length from 22 metres up to 36.5 metres.

Long Vehicle Sign

Road Train: Lengths can be between 22 metres through to 53.5 metres.

Road Train Sign

In addition to signage on vehicles, keep a look out for road signs such as the one below that will help to illustrate helpful information on the heavy haulage vehicles using the roads.

Road Trains 53.5 Metres

Take care and always be aware of your surroundings when driving.