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16 January, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Outback Driving Quick Tip: Driver Visibility

We all love to observe a gorgeous sunrise and sunset but, unfortunately, this magnificent view can play havoc with our ability to clearly see the road ahead whilst driving.

When travelling in the outback of Australia, driver visibility is limited during sunrise and sunset. For safety, try to avoid driving east before 7:00am and driving west between 4:00pm and 5:00pm.

Sunrise and Sunset Driving

Many outback locations have unsealed dirt roads which are shared by cars and heavy vehicles such as, road trains (trucks travelling with four to five trailers). Excessive dust is created when driving along such roads and during times of poor visibility, you will be unable to navigate appropriately and your ability to see on-coming traffic will be impeded.

You may also experience cattle, sheep, or other farm animals using the road as a means of crossing. This is another important reason for why driving during poor visibility is not advised. If you do encounter animals crossing, stop and be patient. If they do not seem to be active in crossing the road, beeping your car horn may alert them to move on.

Top Tip: Try to slow down rather than swerving to miss objects on the road. If you swerve while travelling at a high speed along a dirt road, it may result in rolling the vehicle or causing a serious accident.

Taking some extra precautions can aid in having a stress-free journey. Enjoy your outback travels!