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09 January, 2012 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Our Coral Sea: Our Ocean Paradise Exhibition

We are ultimately drawn to the Australian coastal region due to its gorgeous offerings of breath-taking views and the opportunity to swim in unspoilt waters.

The Coral Sea

The Our Coral Sea: Our Ocean Paradise Exhibition, currently on display at Sydney's Oceanworld Manly, provides an educational and captivating insight into the fascinating marine wildlife that make Australia's Coral Sea its home.

Coral Sea Exhibition

An amazing selection of photographs from six marine photographers illustrates an array of marine life in its natural environment. On display till the 24th February 2012, the Our Coral Sea: Our Ocean Paradise Exhibition is dedicated to illustrating the importance of the Coral Sea and its marine wildlife to the Federal Government through its participation in the "Protect Our Coral Sea" Campaign. This Campaign is designed to implement recognition for marine life as well as providing greater protection for the Coral Sea.

Wildlife On Display

Some of the marine wildlife on display includes the Emperor Nautilus, Green Turtle, Manta Rays, Jelly Fish, Maori Humphead Wrasse, and many more.

Jellyfish Coral Sea

Be educated, captivated, and inspired by nature at the Our Coral Sea: Our Ocean Paradise Exhibition.