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01 February, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

'No Vehicles Available' Message Appears

When performing car hire quotes online, you may find results are limited or a 'no vehicles available' message is returned. In some instances, it may seem hard to believe that your chosen car hire location has no rental packages available. We have compiled a few reasons as to why you may experience this and we hope it helps with your next online car hire quote process.

Online Car Hire

  • Security Website Features

    If you have performed multiple searches in a short amount of time, you may trigger a booking engine's anti-spam technology. In this instance, a 'no vehicles available' message or a limited amount of rental packages will be displayed. With many suppliers offering a 'pay on pick up' policy, anti-spam technology is an important component for many online booking engines as it removes false bookings made by robots or automated spam programs.

  • Selected Pick Up & Drop Off Times

    Most suppliers are not open 24 hours a day. Therefore, you may discover a limited amount of available rental packages or a return of no results. For example, many suppliers servicing Airport locations operate from 5:00am to midnight. If you select a pick up or drop off time outside of these operating hours, these suppliers will not list any of their rental packages. You may like to change your preferences or try to view another location to determine if a supplier operates during your preferred times.

  • Filtering Your Quote By Car Type

    Vehicles such as, exotic cars or 12 seater vans are often hired out during busy periods or are in limited supply. If they are all booked out, you may find your results return 'no available vehicles'. To view all available rental packages and to determine other possible vehicles that may meet your travel needs, select 'Show All' for the 'Car Group' category.

  • Different Pick Up & Drop Off Locations

    If you select a different drop off location to your pick up destination, for the supplier to display an available rental package, they will need to be servicing both destinations. For example, you may find a significant reduction in results if one location is a major city whilst your other location is a remote destination.

  • Booking During Peak Season

    The best advice for any car hire customer is to book well in advance. This is especially important if you are requiring car hire during peak or holiday seasons. Certain locations, even remote, may host special events which attract visitors from near and far. While it may not represent a 'peak' time such as, school holidays, Easter, Christmas, or New Years, the event may be significant enough that car hire demand is impacted.

    We understand and do appreciate that many car hire customers have immediate travel requirements that occur. Please be aware that you may find it difficult to secure a good deal or an ideal rental package if your travels fall within peak periods.

  • When Comparing

    Suppliers will offer fantastic discounted rental deals through car hire comparison websites. In peak demand, you may find that you are online just as the deals have all been booked. It may be a case of waiting and conducting a quote at a later time as the supplier releases to the car hire comparison business more rental packages.

We hope the above information helps to explain why you may experience poor or no results for available rental packages when conducting a car hire quote.

We wish you all the best with your online car hire quote process!