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17 February, 2012 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

How to Understand and Interpret the Car Rental Buddy Quote Details

You have entered your preferences and are now viewing and comparing the selection of available vehicles. Our 'How To' guide will provide you with details on what to look for to help you in making an informed decision on what vehicle is right for you. It will also help to explain and answer many of the frequently asked questions that customers present.

View The List Of Available Vehicles

Vehicles that are available against the preferences entered are presented. The standard details provided across all vehicles include vehicle classification, vehicle details, legend on the vehicle capacity and its features, what inclusions are provided, price, and rental conditions that provide information on terms as per the car hire supplier.

List of Available Deals

Filter Your Results

When viewing the list of available rental packages, you may find you would like to filter the results to compare vehicles that are most suited to your travel needs.

To filter your results, simply view the left hand panel of the website where you can tailor the results based on the following categories:

  • Number of passengers
  • Number of doors
  • Total price
  • Tranmission
  • Optional extras
  • Fuel policy
  • Car rental agent
  • Car group
Filter Options

Where Are the Terms and Conditions and List of Inclusions?

By selecting the term 'Rental Conditions' you can view a comprehensive outline of the terms and conditions for that specific vehicle, including the list of inclusions. These terms and conditions are associated and defined by the individual car hire supplier. Details that can be viewed include insurance coverage, special equipment, breakdown assistance, fuel policy, kilometre policy, payment methods, and much more.

List of Inclusions

What Does 'Or Similar' Mean?

The term 'or similar' is presented to illustrate that car hire suppliers will aim to fulfil the booking as per the details of the quote, however, they do have the ability to provide a car that is similar to the one you have booked. For example, if your car is classified as 'Compact', the car hire supplier can provide another vehicle model that falls within this range. The following clause is important to note:

Can I Receive the Quote Details by Email?

By selecting 'Email Quote' you can have the details for specific vehicles emailed directly to you.

Email Quote

Proceed To Book

If you are happy with the details and would like to proceed to book a vehicle, simply choose the 'Select' button associated with that vehicle.

Select a Rental Package

Our guide, 'How to Book Your Car Hire With Car Rental Buddy' provides details on how to book your vehicle and what information is required.