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15 June, 2012 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Headlights Increase Safety During Winter Months

With Winter here for 2012, our key safety message for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists is to ensure you consider your visibility as the peak commute hours have become darker.


Please ensure you turn your low beam headlights on during your commute in the early mornings and late afternoons. Your headlights are not only used for your own visibility, but they help to make other drivers aware of your presence - this is especially important for darker coloured cars. Drivers will be aware of your position allowing them to make appropriate and safe driving decisions.

Pedestrians and cyclists will also benefit as this will assist them in their ability to cross the road by safely judging the distance of approaching vehicles.

Pedestrians & Runners

When walking or exercising during the early morning or late afternoon, please take care to ensure you wear clothing that makes you visible to drivers. Such clothing includes reflective shirts and shoes.


When riding during the early morning, on dusk, or during the evening, please wear reflective clothing to help make your presence known to drivers as a means to ensure your safety. Wearing a bike light or helmet light will also be a great safety inclusion.

Take care on our roads and have a safe commute!