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05 September, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Don't Forget to Check the Fuel Policy!

Fuel Policy

Most car rental suppliers will outline a fuel policy of 'pick up full, return full'. Don't forget to check this within your rental conditions as you will generally incur fees should you fail to return your vehicle with a full tank of fuel.

Here are our top tips to ensure you avoid paying any extra fees regarding the fuel policy.

Check Your Rental Conditions

Don't assume! It pays to always read your rental terms and conditions to be fully aware of what is expected of you and what you may experience should you fail to comply with the details outlined.

When it comes to the fuel policy, you may find that suppliers will provide the following clause within their rental conditions.

Fuel Policy Example

Pick up full, return full.

Your vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel. To avoid incurring fuel charges you will need to return it full.

You may be required to leave a fuel deposit reserved on your credit card that will be released when you return the car full. Missing fuel will be charged on your return. The price per litre charged by the rental agent may be significantly higher than the price at the local service station.

Fuel charges are payable at the rental desk unless otherwise stated in the top section of the rental conditions.

Ask Questions if Unsure

Always ask questions if you are unsure about any aspects of the fuel policy or other components of the rental conditions.

If during the booking process you are hesitant about what the fuel policy means and what options are available, give the business you are dealing with a call and confirm what you are seeing online.

Some suppliers may offer customers the ability to waive the fuel policy by presenting an optional extra whereby an additional fee is charge for the flexibility to not return the vehicle full.

Locate a Fuel Station

If you are new to the area where you have booked your rental vehicle, ask the customer service representative at the time of pick up where the nearest fuel station is located. Tech savvy travellers may prefer to opt for Google Maps or simply using a feature of their phone to help locate nearby service stations.

Allocate Enough Time

Don't forget to allocate enough time for fuelling up upon your return trip to the car hire depot. Fees may be incurred if you are late. Plan ahead and if you are going to be travelling during peak periods, make certain that you give yourself plenty of time should you experience heavy traffic congestion.