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15 January, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Crossing Safety

Whether it is a pedestrian crossing or railway crossing, drivers need to take care to ensure their safety, the safety of their passengers, and fellow motorists.

Be Extra Vigilant Near Pedestrian Crossings
When approaching a pedestrian crossing, always be vigilant! Check the surroundings to ensure no one is going to simply walk straight out. While pedestrians do have right of way, we all need to work together to ensure everyone stays safe. Pedestrians should always make sure drivers have seen them and are slowing down to a stop to allow them to cross. Drivers need to keep a look out when approaching a crossing to determine if a pedestrian is present.

Pedestrian Crossing

Top Tip: Don't assume the actions of others. Kids can be unpredictable so please take care around built up areas, school zones (even after school hours), and during holiday times.

Obey the Railway Crossing Signals
Upon approaching a railway crossing, always stop if the red lights are flashing or if the gates are down. Do not try to manoeuvre around down railway crossing gates.

If it is safe to cross but the traffic ahead is congested or stopped, do not proceed forward if it means you will be positioned on the railway line ? always keep the tracks clear.

Look Out For Trains

Railway Crossings Without Warning Lights
Common sense needs to prevail when approaching a railway crossing that is absent of any warning lights or signals. Obey signage, be sensible with your decision making, and be extra observant to your surroundings.

Don't race a train and if you are using a crossing that does not have crossing gates, be careful in determining the distance of approaching trains. Trains may often be closer than you think or may be travelling at a distance faster than what you judge.