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20 March, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

'Country of Residence' & 'Age of Driver' Quote Information

When performing a car hire quote online, there are various questions suppliers and car hire comparison websites will ask. The general format will request your pick up and drop off location/s, dates, and times. There may also be additional questions presented in relation to country of residence and age of the driver.

So why are these two questions of relevance to your quote?

To help you in understanding the significance of these questions, we have provided a brief overview of what they mean to your quoted price and the results for available rental packages.

Quote Questions

Country of Residence

In addition to providing great discounted rates for domestic customers, suppliers have also tailored special deals and dedicated rental packages to meet the needs of non-domestic customers. In many instances, these rental packages are designed to cater to leisure customers that are travelling from overseas for a holiday. Pricing can also change for non-domestic customers with suppliers detailing a range of enticing deals to help visitors with their international travel adventures. So to ensure you are presented with the best discounted rates that are marketed specifically for you and your travels, make certain you select your correct country of residence.

Please Note: Suppliers may not hire to you if upon your arrival the details provided during your online booking cannot be confirmed. For example, if your licence details your country of residence as Sri Lanka, ensure you select this when conducting a quote and when processing a booking.

Age of Driver

Don't be afraid to tell an online quote form your true age! Suppliers will generally not hire to individuals under the age of 21. If you are between 21 and 24 (some suppliers will include drivers aged 25) then you will incur an age surcharge. An age surcharge is an additional cost per day that is added to your rental package due to insurance circumstances regarding 'young drivers'.

So while it may be great to say you are 21 when you may really be 33, it will not help in providing you with an appropriate car hire quote. Furthermore, upon arriving at the rental desk, you will need to produce your licence to confirm the details provided during the booking process.

Remember, it is best to provide the correct information during the online quote process. This will ensure you are presented with the rental packages tailored to your needs. It will also eliminate any issues that may arise at the time of pick up should the supplier determine any discrepancies between the booking information and the supporting documentation you are required to present.

Safe travels!