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23 November, 2012 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Car Hire Booking Extensions and Early Returns

Understandably, circumstances can change whilst travelling and you may need to extend your car hire period or return your vehicle earlier than scheduled. We hope the following 'quick tip' information will assist with helping to explain your options for early returns or hire extensions.

Extending Your Hire Period

Suppliers are more than happy to try and accommodate changes to your car hire booking, however, extensions may be subject to vehicle availability and extra payment. If you need to extend your hire period, simply contact the supplier (location from which you collected the vehicle from) and they will be able to fully advise you on your options and the associated extra hire costs.

If, during the time of pick up, you feel there may be a change to your rental period, take the time to advise your customer service representative and they will be able to provide further details on the options available for your chosen rental package.

Returning Your Hire Vehicle Early

Suppliers have no issues with you returning your rental vehicle early. The only aspect that will need to be determined directly with the supplier relates to whether a refund is provided for unused days. Each supplier will have their own terms and conditions relating to early return refunds and these may vary across their locations and the type of vehicle hired.

If you feel, prior to pick up, that the possibility may exist that you will be returning early, you may like to contact the supplier to determine their early return policy. With Car Rental Buddy, your booking confirmation email provides the direct contact details for the supplier that relates to your chosen rental package. Please feel free to contact their customer service team to be advise further on the options available for your booking.

Communication is Important

If you are unable to meet the scheduled booking times of your hire, it is important that you contact the supplier to advise them of your circumstances. Here are a few points to remember for your car hire booking:
  • If you are late for your scheduled pick up time, many suppliers will only hold your booked vehicle for a maximum of one hour. Phone to let them know of any delays and they will be able to appropriately inform you of your options should your arrival exceed their car hire policy hold period.

  • Returning your vehicle late may incur additional costs, so if you are aware of any delays that will impede upon your ability to return at your scheduled time, please contact the supplier to let them know. Your vehicle may be scheduled for release to another customer within a few hours of its return, so it is important to make the supplier aware of your situation.