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11 September, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Best Lookouts in Brisbane

Looking for something to do on the weekend? Maybe you're just travelling to Brisbane and are interested in visiting hot spots to get the best views of the city?

Here is our list of the best lookouts in Brisbane that are sure to offer you an inspirational perspective on the city's architecture, lively atmosphere, and captivating landscapes.

Wilson's Lookout
Whether it is day or night, Wilson's Lookout at Fortitude Valley provides you with an impressive vantage point to check out the view of the Story Bridge, the Brisbane River, and the towering buildings of the city.

With close access to a range of eateries, restaurants, and shops dotted along the neighbouring street of Brunswick, you can soak in the city's captivating landscape after indulging in a light meal or gastronomic feast!

Wilson's Lookout

Kangaroo Point
Set up a rug, bring your own chair, or settle in on one of the many park seats available and simply enjoy the outlook from Kangaroo Point.

Popular with many visitors to the city, Kangaroo Point is the perfect location to soak in the ambience of Brisbane. Watch watercrafts as they gracefully navigate the waters of the Brisbane River and see the lively city streets buzzing with cars. Night time offers a wondrous visual display with the lights of the city illuminating a captivating glow.

Kangaroo Point Lookout
Image Courtesy of yelp.com.au

Bartley's Lookout
Bartley's Lookout provides you the chance to see residential landscapes effortlessly merging into the busy and active scenery of the city.

See towering buildings emerging from the lands with the arches of the Story Bridge peering through the busy city cluster. The Lookout also allows you to see the quiet waters of the Brisbane River as they navigate their way through the city landscape.

Bartley's Lookout
Image Courtesy of ausphotography.net.au

Mount Coot-Tha Lookout
Heading out of the heart of the city doesn't mean you are compromising on experiencing the best views. Approximately 13 minutes from the city, Mount Coot-Tha Lookout allows you to indulge in glorious city views that will be both impressive and breath-taking.

Head to the Lookout during the day and see unobscured panoramic views of the city and its surrounding landscapes. Night time provides a completely different perspective with the city and outer locations being a colourful sea of glittering lights. A truly enjoyable spectacular, a trip to Mount Coot-Tha Lookout is highly recommended.

Mount Coot-Tha Lookout
Image Courtesy of news.com.au

Jollys Lookout
If you are heading out on a drive to Mount Nebo, then a stop at Jollys Lookout is a top suggestion. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the views of Brisbane, Moreton Island, Glasshouse Mountains, and Samford Valley.

Take a moment to delve into history with a wealth of information on display that offers great insight into the area and its connection to William Jolly, first Brisbane Lord Mayor.

Jollys Lookout
Image Courtesy of vimeo.com

Mount Gravatt Lookout
If you want to have the Mount Gravatt Lookout the end result for a great hike, then consider taking the walk from Griffith University and Toohey Mountain Reserve.

Upon arriving at the Lookout, you will be greeted by an amazing view of Brisbane city. Span the landscapes before you and marvel at the city's tall buildings jutting out with each one illustrating its own unique design and characteristics.

Head to Mount Gravatt Lookout and simply take time out to soak in the city's lively environment.

Mount Gravatt Lookout Brisbane
Image Courtesy of flickr.com

Story Bridge Adventure Climb
Looking to experience the city's views from a new perspective?

If so, take the Story Bridge Adventure Climb and soak in Brisbane's inviting atmosphere. With daylight and twilight climbs on offer, you can indulge in either a sun-soaked or fairyland style scenery.

Story Bridge Climb
Image Courtesy of Story Bridge Adventure Climb