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06 March, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Quick Tip: Availability of Optional Extras

If you are booking online, either through a comparison website or direct with a supplier, you may have the option to include additional items to your rental package.

Keep in mind that all suppliers will place a conditional term against the inclusion of certain optional extras and that is, they are 'subject to availability'.

Optional Extras

Although you have requested the item during your online booking, it may not be available at the time of your pick up. There are circumstances where a car hire customer returns an item and it is unsuitable for further use due to damage. As suppliers generally have a limited supply stock for certain optional extras, it may mean they will exercise the stated conditional clause.

Top Tip: If you have requested the inclusion of an item such as, a baby seat, infant seat, booster seat, or GPS, contact the supplier one or two days prior to your pick up date and confirm the availability.

While this may seem a small inconvenience, it can help you in ensuring the items you need will be available for your travel plans. Suppliers are more than happy to assist you and should there be any issues, this will provide them the opportunity to follow up on your request.

Safe travels!