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23 January, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Alternative Car Hire Toll Solutions

With each supplier offering their own terms and conditions in relation to tolls, there are various options and hidden charges you need to watch out for.

Certain suppliers may offer you the ability to purchase toll passes, however, we strongly recommend that you contact the supplier prior to your pick up date to discuss and confirm the toll options available. If suppliers place the onus on you to make the necessary payments should you utilise tolls, then we have the following toll solutions that we hope will help you with your car hire travels.

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Arrangements Direct With Toll Providers

The following is information on other arrangements you can make direct with the toll providers.
  • Melbourne: You may like to contact CityLink on 13 26 29 or by visiting their website at www.citylink.com.au to purchase a Melbourne Pass. If you prefer, you may like to contact the toll provider customer service centre after travelling the toll road to make the necessary payment. For example, toll providers in Melbourne generally provide customers 72 hours to pay their toll.

  • Sydney: There are nine toll roads that are independently operated in Sydney. Drivers have the option to purchase a 'Visitor ePass' from Roam Express by calling 13 76 26 or by visiting their website www.roamexpress.com.au. If you would like to choose the option to pay after using the tolls, then you will need to finalise your outstanding account direct with the toll provider within 48 hours of incurring the cost.

  • Brisbane: You may like to purchase a pass direct from Queensland Motorways by phoning 1300 046 842 or visiting www.govia.com.au. If you are planning on travelling the Clem7 tunnel, you can contact www.flowtoll.com.au or phone 13 13 57 to purchase a pass. If you need to pay your outstanding fees direct to the toll provider, you will have 72 hours to finalise your payment.

Use Your Own Go Via Tag

Here is a possible solution - especially for those customers that are planning on hiring a car for a long period of time - and that is to use your own Go Via tag that you have for your personal transport.

While this is a great option, we strongly advise you to contact the supplier and inform them of your plans as they can assist with detailing any potential issues with integrating your tag with their vehicles.

Go Via Tag
If you are able to use your own Go Via tag, then here is our simple 'how to' guide.

How to Use Your Go Via Tag
  1. Make sure you take your Go Via tag with you.
  2. Once you arrive to pick up your car hire vehicle, log into your Go Via account (great if you can access your account via your mobile phone) and add your car hire vehicle's registration to your associated tag.
  3. Take to the open road and travel with confidence and ease.
  4. Upon returning to the supplier's depot, please ensure you:
    • Remove your Go Via tag from the car hire vehicle.
    • Remove the registration of the vehicle from your Go Via account. If not, you will still incur charges if the next car hire customer travels through tolls.

Plan Ahead

Prior to embarking on your car hire journey, plan your trip and determine if you will be utilising toll roads. If you would like to avoid tolls, you will need to research alternative routes to arrive at your destination.

If you are unsure of where toll roads are located, you are most welcome to discuss your travel plans with the supplier's customer service representative and they will be able to assist you.