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17 August, 2012 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Airport Car Hire Tips and Information

Airport car hire is a convenient option for many travellers. The following information is designed to help you, as a customer, navigate the airport car hire quote process and to assist with understanding your rental options.

Airport Car Hire

Airport Car Hire Suppliers

Many car hire suppliers service all major and various remote airport locations. Suppliers that offer rental packages to airport customers can either be located on-site or off-site. On-site is referred to the suppliers that have a physical location at the airport whereby customers can pick up and drop off their rental vehicle. Suppliers can be located off-site but in a close proximity to the airport. If suppliers, that are located off-site, offer rental packages for airport locations, then they will usually provide a convenient free shuttle service to and from their depot.

Most car hire suppliers and car rental comparison websites will detail if the supplier is located at the airport or off-site, as well as any additional information associated with how to pick up and drop off your rental vehicle.

Example: Car Rental Buddy Airport Legend

Airport Car Hire Legend

Different Pick Up & Drop Off Locations

It is important to remember that your selected preferences for your pick up and drop off location can influence whether you are presented with a comprehensive selection of available rental packages, or if your quote returns a limited amount or no available car hire deals.

If your selected drop off location differs from your pick up destination, your possible rental packages to choose from will be dependent upon if the supplier services both your preferred car hire locations.

For example, your results for pick up and drop off at Brisbane Airport will differ from the results for pick up at Brisbane Airport and drop off at Surfers Paradise.

Example: Car Hire Comparison Results

Pick Up: Brisbane Airport
Drop Off: Brisbane Airport
Dates: 10 October 2012 to 15 October 2012
Results: 20 Available Rental Packages

Same Pick Up and Drop Off Location

Pick Up: Brisbane Airport
Drop Off: Surfers Paradise
Dates: 10 October 2012 to 15 October 2012
Results: 14 Available Rental Packages

Different Pick Up and Drop Off Location

Selecting Your Pick Up & Drop Off Times

One important point to keep in mind when considering your airport car hire options, is that most suppliers do not operate 24 hours. In many instances, they will operate from early morning (5:00am) to very late at night (11:59pm). When completing online quotes, determine if your preferred pick up and drop off times are influencing the availability of rental packages.

Example: 15 Minute Time Difference - Pick Up 11:45pm (23:45) Verse Pick Up 12:00am (00:00)

Pick Up: 11:45pm (23:45)

Pick Up 11:45pm

Pick Up: 12:00am (00:00)

Pick Up 12:00am

Always Provide Your Flight Number

During the booking process, you will have the opportunity to provide your flight details. This will assist the car hire company with knowing if your flight has been delayed or cancelled. This is especially important should your flight become delayed during the flight time and you are unable to contact the supplier to communicate why you are unable to collect your vehicle at the scheduled time.

If your flight has been delayed prior to you boarding, take the opportunity to ensure the supplier is aware of this and they can monitor your flight details and can also look at making arrangements to ensure you are able to still collect your vehicle once you arrive.

Example: Provide Your Flight Details

Flight Details
Our Top Airport Car Hire Tips: Always book in advance to ensure you have a greater selection of available car rental packages to choose from. Take the time to research and compare. Each supplier will have their own terms and conditions, associated costs for the inclusion of special equipment and optional extras, and details on applicable fees for an age surcharge or out of hours pick up and drop off.

Take care when travelling and be vigilant of other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.