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09 September, 2013 - Peta Daniels Peta Daniels

Add More to Your Open Road Travel Adventures

Australian Sunset

The gorgeous oranges and yellows of the distant sunset merge effortlessly on the horizon as they form a shimmering border against the lush green rolling hills.

To your left are open uninhabited lands where their distance seems as though they go on forever. On your right you are presented with a similar landscape yet cattle roam the lands casually grazing as they devour the tall slender grass that covers their cordoned off paddock.

The scenery is simple yet superb. A welcome change from the concrete jungle of the city centres where moving quickly is the order of the day.

With the windows down and the crisp cool air filtering through the cabin, you feel a true sense of freedom. Nothing beats being out on the open road where the forecast is spontaneity, endless discoveries, adventures, and the ability to simply do what you want when you want!

So have we got your travel juices flowing yet?

If you are planning an Australian travel adventure, then we hope this article will be of interest - especially if you are trekking around Australia in a caravan, campervan, motorhome, RV, or Winnebago.

While downsizing is one of the major aspects of placing all your needs and wants for your trip into a smaller space, you don't need to compromise on how or what you can achieve when making plans to enjoy the offerings of a specific location.

Check out our top three suggestions that are designed to help you with making the most of your time.

Resources at Your Fingertips

Having instant access to resources and information makes travelling in unfamiliar territory so much easier. Whether you like the good old fashion books and maps, or you prefer to have the latest information accessible via your mobile phone or computer, there are a range of camping, caravanning, and travelling resources on offer.

Camps Australia Wide, Hema Maps, Gregory's Touring Maps, UBD Complete Motoring Atlas, Explore Australia Camping Guide, AFN Camping Guide, and S & S Collis Camping Guide are some great resources to have on hand when venturing around Australia. Many have both app and hard copy versions available so check them out today!

BCF is also a top shop for finding a range of maps and resources to aid in getting you about Australia. Visit them online or explore in store with a range of locations accessible throughout the country.

Camps Resources

Image Courtesy of Camps Australia Wide

Enjoy Day Trips With Car Hire

Fallen in love with a destination and you want to explore and experience all its offerings?

Set up camp and consider hiring a car to get about town in. With car hire suppliers providing a great selection of vehicles, you can get out and about in a small compact car and enjoy low running costs, great parking capabilities, and enough room to pop your essential items in for a great day out.

If you are not interested in a compact mode of transport, there is no need to worry as you can rent a vehicle with options extending up to SUVs and vans!

So why should you even contemplate hiring a car?

Park your home away from home in your accommodation location and embark on a travel journey where it is just you, your travel companion/s and a few items to enjoy a day outing. As well as giving your main mode of transport a rest, it is just another option available for how you can explore and experience your surrounding landscapes.

P.S. Found that one of you wants to simply laze the day away relaxing while the other is full of beans to explore? There is no need to worry about one of you being left without transport. One has the rental while the other has access to the campervan, motorhome, or 4wd in case of emergency or the need to head out somewhere!

Car Hire for Travellers

Create a Checklist

Don't worry, this suggestion doesn't have anything to do with age! Creating a checklist for any travel adventure is a great way to ensure you don't forget to do things. We strongly advise our car hire customers (no matter their age!) to create a checklist to make certain they don't leave behind any personal belongings upon returning their rental vehicle.

So keep a checklist handy for when you make tracks to move on from a destination to avoid leaving items behind. It can also eliminate the awkward conversation of, "Did you remember to put the portable bbq in?"... "No, I thought you were doing that!".


Enjoy your Australian travels and ensure you take care, drive safe, and take regular breaks when embarking on a journey.