If you would like to show your support and help to share the great safety messages for kids available through Safety 4 Kids by Car Rental Buddy, then add a text or image link to your website!

Link to Us

The team at Car Rental Buddy are very appreciative of all support received and are focused on helping kids to understand the importance of decision making regarding their personal safety. Visit our website and view our great tips on road safety, stranger danger, bullying, and so much more!

Need help adding a link to your website? Email us at info@carrentalbuddy.com.au and our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

We thank all individuals, businesses, organisations, and foundations that have shared, linked, and helped to support and promote our concept of LOOK, LISTEN, and STAY SAFE to kids!

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  1. Great initiative by Car rental buddy, it’s better to make booking online as well.


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